May 25, 2010

Back to Normal Soon!

On May 23rd my oldest daughter flew to Kingston, Jamaica to start a 10 day mission trip. We had no idea that fighting and turmoil would be breaking out but her plane landed just as the council there was declaring a State of Emergency.

Since then, life goes on, but I'm spending a lot of time reading the news, finding updates of the situation in Kingston and where the barricades, the drug cartels, the deaths and random shootings are happening. I know she is currently safe and the fighting is still focused on certain areas but with civilians being killed and the US Embassy reducing services as well as three flights being canceled yesterday... well, my mind is occupied.

Don't worry - I haven't gone anywhere! But my mind is preoccupied so I tend to do tasks that keep me busy while my mind wanders. Scrubbing the bathroom floor and organizing closets come to mind!

I'll try to update tomorrow - check back soon. Thanks!Print Friendly and PDF