Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes!

After 'reminding' my husband for a week that we needed to go up and see his Dad for his birthday, he finally got around to calling him Friday (yesterday) to see if he would be home and free today for us to visit. It's a 6 hour drive round trip so I didn't want to drive across the state only to find him not home!

Yesterday when I found out we were indeed, going to be making the trip to see him on his 82nd birthday today, I also found out my SIL and her husband were there last night and this morning. I'm assuming they probably brought a cake or made one at his house so I don't want to show up with yet another cake... but our family and our kids would like to celebrate with him as well. I decided for a quick birthday dessert and maybe more importantly, the ease of traveling 3 hours in the back of the SUV... cupcakes!!!

Since I didn't have time to do anything fancy or special this time (yesterday was a DAY, let me tell you!!!) I started with a chocolate cake mix made according to package direction and baked into 20 cupcakes.

Next I used my favorite frosting/filling recipe and placed it into a decorator baggy with a simple round tip. Hint: Place your bag into a tall glass or a coffee mug to easily hold the bag secure while you fill it.

Squeeze a bit of filling into each cupcake. You know how much because it will just barely start to bulge on the top as it's filled.

For frosting I used about a half cup of filling that was left over in the bowl and added 1 stick of butter, 1 t of vanilla extract and 2 cups of powdered sugar. I mixed it with the electric mixer until it looked like whipped cream and then refilled the bag, piped on the frosting and finished with pearlized candy candies.

The cupcakes are all back in the muffin tin baking pans and are currently in the freezer awaiting transport across the state to my FIL's house later today.

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