June 19, 2010

Steaks in Hot Sauce Marinade

My husband loves hot sauce. When we were first married two decades ago he could barely tolerate a dash of Tabasco sauce in a soup or sauce for flavor. Today he's such a fan of really 'hot' sauces that our oldest daughter bought him a 'hot sauce of the month' club gift for his birthday in February. The hotter the better and he loves to buy and try new hot sauces from around the world.

In each delivery of hot sauce one or two recipes are included. This recipe is short, quick and easy with only 4 ingredients total; but it's also perfect for this summer's backyard adult grills.

1 c hot sauce (we used Scorpion's Sting Hot Sauce)
1/2 c whiskey
1/2 c olive oil
2 lb. steaks

Whisk ingredients together. Place meat in a resealable bag and pour marinade over meat. Seal and refrigerate 30 minutes - turning bag at least once for even flavor. Remove bag, discard marinade and grill or broil your steaks to desired doneness.Print Friendly and PDF