Mashed Turnips

For the past two weeks all of the photos I've been taken are trapped on my camera. My memory stick doesn't fit into my new computer without an 'extended', which I had given to my daughter when she went on her mission trip. She just returned from the trip but this morning is sound asleep and I'm not sure where the extender card is!

I wanted to post about mashed turnips and include the photos I took but we'll have to suffice with an image of turnips off the internet.

I did not grow up eating turnips. It was something my parents never made, never grew in our garden and certainly never bought. On the contrary, I've made, bought, grown and eaten many foods they've never heard of. Turnips are a food my husband and I 'discovered' about 9 years ago when we first did a strict low-carb way of eating to detox our bodies of all sugar and white refined flour.

Last night I made them our all-time favorite way; mashed. Similar to mashed potatoes, but these have a grainy texture to them and a spice, flavor that blows bland potatoes away. Best of all? Low Carb for those of you doing this WOE.

Amounts in recipes are (and have to be) approximate. The amount of liquids and butter are determined by how many turnips you use, how big they are and how much water is retained after you drain them. Go slow, add the milk (cream if you are low-carbing) a little at a time and season according to your tastes.

Mashed Turnips

4-5 medium to large turnips
milk or cream
salt and pepper

If you buy your turnips at the grocery store they will probably be enclosed in a thin covering of wax. Fresh from the garden or a farmer's market obviously won't have the wax. Either way, you make them the same.

Peel and cut up the turnips into pieces for easy boiling. Boil in water on the stove until tender (about 30 minutes depending on how many you have). Drain well. Place into a food processor and using an S-blade, process just a little (4 seconds or so) to judge how much liquid they already have. You add milk or cream about a couple tablespoons at a time to get the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add butter to your own taste (I like about 2 tablespoons to 4-5 turnips) and salt and pepper. Process again quickly, you only need to process a few seconds. Pour into your serving bowl. These are excellent with BBQ Ribs!Print Friendly and PDF