September 21, 2012

A quick peek: The Low Carb, Sugar Free Cake I whipped up!

I have out of town guests arriving at any second so my posting this weekend will probably be almost non-existent.  The 'guests' are my parents and any second now their car should be driving up our driveway;  the end of their 1000 mile 'Anniversary' trip. 

Yes, today is my parents 44th Wedding Anniversary and since they will be at our home today I wanted to whip up a quick cake to celebrate.  However, we are currently doing a 'sugar free' and 'low carb' detox... so the cake had to be SF and LC yet still acceptable for those who are used to sugar, flour and carbs!  This is the recipe I made for my own birthday cake last April;  I tweaked it from a Red Velvet Recipe but made it a White Vanilla. 

Oh the stories behind this cake!!!   Whatever could possibly go wrong... did.  (If you follow me on Twitter you might already know a few of them!)  And yet it turned out ok.  I'll post the recipes and the story behind it as soon as I can.

Have a great weekend!

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