September 28, 2012

Sugar Free, Low Carb - Cheesecake Brownie Bars

If you've been following me in my baking endeavors this week you will have made a sugar free, low carb Chocolate Cheesecake and then whipped up your Sugar free brownies.  If you have leftovers, let's now put them together for a whole new dessert that will knock the socks off your family!  And, if you didn't make them yet, or you gobbled them up and have no more - simply mix up another batch!

Two layers of sugar free, low carb brownies sandwiched between a decadent layer of creamy chocolate sugarfree cheesecake.  I had homemade whipped cream to serve with them last night for dessert but my family opted to forgo whipped cream and eat them as they were.  These would be absolutely incredible with ice cream as well!  A sugar free, low carb brownie sundae?  Wow.

Cheesecake Brownie Bars

1 batch sugar free, low carb brownies (recipe here)
1 recipe sugar free chocolate cheesecake  (recipe here)

Slice the brownies into squares.  Cut the chilled, refrigerated cheesecake into squares, roughly the size of your brownies.  Turn the cheesecake square on its side (you can do this after it's been refrigerated at least 24 hours as it's very sturdy) and slice straight down, making two slices.  Sandwich one layer cheesecake between two brownies.  If you made your brownies in an 8X8" pan instead of the 13X9" then you will have to slice your brownies in half as well or they will be too thick.  Serve immediately or cover and chill to serve later with whipped cream or ice cream or even a chocolate sauce.

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