May 29, 2014

A quick post to clear my files... Homemade Icee


This isn't really a recipe - but I need to clean out some of these files that are in my "post" folder!  

Now that the weather is warming up, I can share one of the many different drinks I make in the afternoon to cool off.  This one is a product I found last year in my local Walmart and Publix Grocery Store and have been buying ever since;- ICEE brand flavor drops!  I have both Cherry and Blue Raspberry - and I love them because they are sugar free.  Now, if you aren't used to sugar free, you might be surprised by the flavor as it's not the sticky sweet of the awesomeness you get at your local store or gas station.  But for me the 'no sugar' is a winner.  (For the record I looked for these in one of the two Walmarts I shop at and did not see them last week. Don't know if they were just out or that particular store isn't stocking anymore.  Hmmm).

Simply add your ICEE flavoring to ice in a blender (I use my Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker) with a bit of your favorite brand sparkling water (you don't have to use carbonated water if you don't want to or if it's for the Little's who wouldn't care or know the difference anyway).  

Blend, pour and serve!  

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