Fried Cabbage with Bacon

About two weeks ago I was completely enamored with this dish for my breakfast... every day.  As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure I had it for both breakfast and lunch at least one day.  It doesn't really use a recipe - but you just throw it together based on what you like.

Fried Cabbage with Bacon

1-2 cups shredded cabbage or bagged cabbage cole slaw mix
3-4 slices bacon
1 egg
salt and pepper
option:  onions, peppers and jalapenos

You can fry the bacon in the pan first, remove, crumble into the cabbage - leaving about 1 T of the fat to fry the cabbage - OR you can make the bacon in a different pan (I use a George Foreman Grill) and crumble and add to the cabbage mix. 

Mix the cabbage with the egg, season with a little salt and pepper.  You can add onions, peppers or a bit of jalapeno.  Fry in a hot pan with a bit of olive oil, coconut oil or some of the bacon grease until golden brown, flip and continue cooking the second side until golden. 

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