May 07, 2014

Homemade Dandelion Wine - Bottled and Labeled (and a photo of the dead yeast so you know what to siphon off)

I am really enjoying my foray into the world of making flower wines.  The Dandelion Wine was ready for me to bottle this week.  The Violet Wine only has about a week of fermenting left before I think it will be ready and I started a Rose Petal Wine this week!  So thrilled!  (I also had to order new, empty wine bottles from Amazon to bottle these in!)

One of the things I didn't post on the last entry was what the 'dead yeast' looks like - you know, the stuff I mentioned I was siphoning off and filtering out?  Not everyone does, but I did three times to help the wine clear as well as give it a better flavor since the musty dead yeast does impart it's taste to the wine.

This is what is in the bottom of the container or jug you use with the airlock or balloon while it ferments.  This is the dead yeast or lees that fall to the bottom.

My straining was simple - remember, when I started this I said I would only do it with things I had on hand.  I wasn't going to invest in a lot of fancy kits or products.  So I poured mine through a 3 filter process - 2 colanders and a coffee filter.  At first the coffee filter is plugged a lot so I would have to switch it out three or four times.  By the last filter process most of it was running through pretty well.

(Wine Making on Amazon )

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