May 25, 2014

Sugar Free Lemon Ice Box Pie (Like my Lemon Supreme Pie)

Since 1996/1997 I've made a favorite lemon pie that I actually posted here on An American Housewife back in 2006 (Lemon Supreme Pie).  But it is not sugar free and it's not low carb.  Last night, with that pie in mind, I whipped up an impromptu version that is a little bit healthier.

I like my lemon pie tangy - not sweet.  So if you like your pie sweeter - add more sweetener according to your own taste test.  This can be a traditional ice box pie by leaving off the topping completely, in which case you'll want to sweeten the lemon filling just a touch more as I use the sweet cream cheese topping to off set the tang of the lemon.

You CAN use a typical meringue on this of course.  But... I've never been a fan of meringue (ever) so I rarely make them (and when I do, I scrape it off my slice)  Ha ha.   Since I didn't want to use flour for a shortbread crust, nor sugary graham crackers for the crust, I tried a new to me product - Dixie Diner Carb Counters Graham Cracker Style Pie Crust Mix.  It was a good choice if you have to do low carb or sugar free but you can tell it's very 'healthy'.  I didn't look up the ingredients so I'm just guessing, but it 'felt' like it had ground flax seeds and bran in it...  you can tell it's a high fiber crust.   

Sugar Free Lemon Supreme Pie

2 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
1/2 - 3/4 c Ideal sweetener (or your favorite brand sweetener, more or less to personal taste)
1/2 c lemon juice
3 T butter
dash of salt

In a heavy sauce pan on a cold stove, whisk the 2 eggs with 3 egg yolks.  Turn on the heat to medium high and add everything else, whisking the whole time.  As it warms and cooks it starts to thicken.  Turn down the heat if it's too hot, whisk until thick and smooth - do not scorch or burn.  When thick, set aside to a cool for a bit.

Mix up your favorite crust - I used the Dixie Diner crust mix I mentioned above.  Normally you would use a shortbread or graham crust so for this pie as a low carb option use almond flour instead.  A simple, basic crust is;

1 c almond flour
1-2 T granular sweetener
2 T melted butter

Mix and press in pan.  You can bake it at 350 for about 12 minutes.  Let cool.

Pour the lemon filling in your crust.   Place in the freezer for an 'ice box' pie. 

However;  if you want to use up the egg whites from the filling you can whip up the cream cheese topping (or use them to make your own meringue). 

In a saucepan place the egg whites and about 1/2 cup sweetener of your choice. 
Warm while whisking until the sweetener is dissolved and the mixture is getting hot.   Remove from heat and put into a mixing bowl.   Add 12 oz. cream cheese and about 1/2 t vanilla.  Beat until smooth.  You can also add about 1 T heavy whipping cream if you wish.  When stiff and smooth,  spread over the pie OR use a decorator bag to cover with stars.  Freeze or chill to store.

The lemon filling

Traditional Ice Box Pie with no topping is one choicce

I like to use up the leftover egg whites so this is egg whites, vanilla, sweetener and cream cheese

I was out of decorator bags - so here is a Zip Loc impromptu decorator bag

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