Marinated Beef Tenderloin

In our household we love to grill. It would be easier to enjoy this form of cooking year round if we still lived in California or Tennessee, but alas - we live in the heartland of America where winter can last 7 months of the year and snow drifts of almost 20 feet line our country roads.

That doesn't mean we don't grill though!

Here is a photo I snapped a couple weeks ago of my husband grilling our steaks for that evenings meal. The grill knobs are even encased in snow and ice but our love of grilled seafood, steaks, pork and vegetables is stronger than the frigid winds of winter.

This morning I have a quick and simple marinade that goes great with a beef tenderloin, but can be used for almost any cut of beef. Hopefully you live in a part of the country where you can enjoy it this week without having to don a parka to do your grilling.

Marinated Beef Tenderloin

2 (16-ounce) bottles zesty Italian dressing
1/3 c soy sauce
1/3 c Burgundy or other dry red wine
1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 t lemon pepper
1 (5- to 6-pound) beef tenderloin, trimmed

Stir together first 5 ingredients, and pour into a large shallow dish or heavy-duty zip-top plastic bag; add tenderloin. Cover or seal, and chill 8 hours, turning meat occasionally. Remove tenderloin from marinade, discarding marinade.

Grill, covered with grill lid, over high heat (400° to 500°) turning occasionally for about 20 minutes. Reduce temperature to medium-low heat (less than 300°); grill, covered with grill lid, 10-15 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted into thickest portion registers 145° (medium-rare) to 160° (medium). Let stand 15 minutes before slicing. If grilling is not an option, you can place the beef in a shallow roasting pan and bake at 450° for 30 to 40 minutes.
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