March 09, 2010

Broken Glass Dessert with Ladyfingers

Looking forward to Easter and Spring.  I am thinking of Easter dinner and pastel, pretty desserts. I remembered one that I don't think I've seen or ate since I was about four years old. It's one that our Grandmother's made but unless it's a family tradition in your household, it's one that fell out of favor to the general public. I think perhaps this is due in part to the time it takes to make it. In our busy, hectic world, no one wants to wait for gelatin to 'set up' which you have to do for this broken glass dessert. I'm not a fan of jello mixed with whipped cream (I know, I know... I'm weird). But this is a favorite of many people and one you might want to add to your Easter dinner this year.

Broken Glass Dessert

1 small package each, orange, strawberry, lime and lemon Jello (orange, red, yellow, green)
1 tub Cool Whip (large)
1/2 cup pineapple juice
2 T sugar
2 packages ladyfingers cookies

In separate little bowls, dissolve the red, orange and green Jello in 1/2 cup boiling water each. Then add 1/2 cup cold water and pour in small pans to set in thin, shallow pans fridge.

Heat the pineapple juice to boiling, remove from heat and add the lemon Jello. Stir till dissolved, add the sugar and let cool till the consistency of syrup. Lightly butter (or use cooking spray) a mold or a bowl and line with ladyfingers.

Photo from a search engine
to show how to line a pan with Ladyfinger Cookies

With a sharp knife, cut the colored gelatin into small cubes and diamonds. Whisk the lemon gelatin mixture into the Cool Whip and fold in the cut gelatin. Pour into the mold and chill 4-6 hours.Print Friendly and PDF