March 28, 2010

My teens used only frosting to make a 'cake'

Both my teenage girls love frosting. When the day has been rough, boys are giving them headaches, school has been a pain or just the opposite - they are in an awesome, giggly and happy mood, they like to grab a spoon and dig into a container of vanilla or cherry vanilla frosting. Since I don't always keep canned frosting on hand they've been known to run to the dollar store or the grocery store to buy some themselves and keep it in their bedrooms for a 'snack'. Ahh to be 14 again and want to eat all that sugary stuff!?

As it happens, all of my daughter's friends love frosting as much as she does. One day last week while my 14 year old and a friend were scooping a finger of frosting from the can, they had an idea; ".... why don't we make a cake completely out of frosting? That's the part we like!"

A group of six girls decided they would get together on Saturday afternoon and make their 'anti-cake'. It was a creative project - almost like a craft. It was affordable and fun as each of the girls brought a can of frosting ($1 each) and my daughter grabbed various food color's from the cupboard and they each mixed their white frosting with a shade of the rainbow.

They placed tablespoons of colored frosting randomly into a cake pan and then topped it off with sprinkles and dry cake mix. They then placed it into the freezer while they all went downstairs and watched a movie while it froze into a more solid form.

It was uber rich and almost too sweet to eat, but eat it they did! Granted, it would serve about 40 people as you can only eat about two tablespoons before it gets to be too much - so much of the frosting was left on the plate after a couple bites, but the girls had a BLAST.

For about $5 they had a very creative and fun 'craft' to do and since we still have 3/4 of their 'cake' left I plan on using it to frost Easter Cupcakes for my nieces and nephews this weekend so none goes to waste!

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