March 10, 2010

Celebrate Pie Day! Errr... I Mean Pi Day - This Sunday!

I'm the Mom of three teens. My 17 year old son can be a handful sometimes (my one and only complaint... he's terrible at getting his homework done on time!), yet tonight he was all over the assignment to celebrate "PI DAY" this week.

It actually falls on Sunday - (March 14th.... get it?) Pi = 3.14 so it's celebrated on 3/14. Tonight he painstakingly worked on a "pi-cake" for class. I figured it was a great idea for my readers who are a little geeky like me, and want to celebrate in a fun way!

He wanted to make the cake from scratch but considering he told me this at 6:pm and we would have to make it, bake it, cool it, cut it, frost it and then decorate it... I suggested we run to the store and buy a cake to cut our time by almost two-thirds.

Cutting the cake into the shape of Pi

Frost the edges and then use frosting to start placing the numbers of pi
to the farthest degree that fits on the cake.

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