Bellini's and Blue Horizons - Drinks!

Although I've been to a few places in Florida, the only time I've been to Miami is on our honeymoon when we flew into Miami to board a ship for a cruise to Mexico and the Bahamas. Apparently there is a restaurant named "Touch" and a hotel/restaurant named "The Tides" that each have a pretty good drink called the Blue Horizon and the Bellini.

For some reason the color 'blue' always make a summer drink look inviting... LOL. For that reason, when I saw this drink I apparently copied it down into one of my notebooks as I found it there this weekend. And the other? Well, anything that has sparkling wine and peach in it sounds light and crisp and perfect to serve on a warm summer day or evening!

Blue Horizon
From Touch, Miami Beach

2 oz (1/4 c) lemon- or lime flavored rum
1 oz (2 T) blue curaco liqueur
1/2 oz (1 T) EACH lemon or lime juice and pineapple juice
Lime slice (optional garnish)

Combine all ingredients, except garnish, in shaker with ice. Shake vigorously; strain into chilled cocktail glass, with or without ice. Garnish.

From 1220 at The Tides, in The Tides Hotel, Miami Beach

1 oz (2 T) EACH peach schnapps and peach nectar
1/4 oz (3/4 t) Simple Syrup
3 oz chilled Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) or Champagne
Peach slice (optional garnish)

Combine schnapps, nectar and syrup in chilled Champagne flute; stir. Top with Prosecco. Garnish.

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