The Tomb is Empty! Or... The Pastry Is Empty!

This week my parents were visiting from out of town and we stopped by the local coffee shop Tuesday evening. When we left we had a couple pastries for breakfast the next morning. Imagine my laughter when I cut one of the pastries in half and found... absolutely nothing!

The photo might not show it well but the entire inside of the pastry is completely empty. Pure air. LOL. Immediately the phrase "the tomb is empty" went through my head. The bottom of the pastry was colored red but apparently it all must have leaked out during the baking process or they just don't use very much filling at all. In the end, no one ate it anyway and it went into the trash, but it gave us a good laugh.

This, my friends, is why homemade baked goodies are often superior to mass-merchandised commercially baked goods. Quality my friends ! Quality.Print Friendly and PDF