Easy Seasoned Butter for Fish or Steak

We eat salmon fairly regularly, whether it's burgers or fillet, and my family loves when I include a seasoned butter. To place a pat of seasoned butter over the hot salmon and watch it melt, imparting it's flavor into the fish is just beautiful presentation as well as tasty!

I don't follow recipes when it comes to making the seasoned butter and I also don't make it the same each time. I implore you to do the same.

Start with 1 stick butter
Add; lemon juice
dried lemon peel
lemon pepper

just to give you a few ideas. Sprinkle in the soft butter and mash with a fork to blend.

Place the butter 'dough' onto saran wrap in a basic long line and carefully roll up the saran to form the butter into a 1 inch roll. Twist the ends and turn under. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before using but up to a couple weeks. To use, unwrap the saran wrap and with a sharp knife, cut into 'pretty' 1/4 inch rounds by slicing the 'log' of butter. Place one or two pats onto the fish or steak and as it melts it imparts the flavor and looks beautiful.

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