The Best and Easiest Orange Chicken Recipe.... is a Product Review!

For about 15 years I've been on a quest to find a recipe for orange chicken that I like as much as the kind you buy at the local food court in the mall (don't laugh... you know that stuff is the best!). Although I've tried about one or two a year I've never found one that I liked as well, or that I enjoyed making (because I really, really don't enjoy making Asian foods... too many steps, too much work and everything has to cook NOW! and at the SAME TIME!) Frankly, every time I make Chinese food (typically one or two main dishes, chicken fried rice, egg rolls and cream cheese won tons) I'm left with a million dirty dishes from the prep work and pans, a house that smells like grease from making the cream cheese puffs and I swear that next time I'm going to PAY someone to make it because no matter what it costs it's worth it!

Of course then a couple months later I do it all again with yet another new recipe for the main dish and make the same proclamation.

If you are craving orange chicken please, by all means just head to your local Costco or if you don't have a membership convince your friend, neighbor or brother to take you... anyone that has a membership. Buy Costco's "Orange Chicken" which looks like this and has the name "TastyWok" on the front of the black and white box.

As you can see from the package you get the chicken and the sauce packets - enough for two meals. You still will have to go through the hassle of whipping up some white rice, fried rice, maybe some lo mein, some spring rolls and perhaps cream cheese puffs so it's still going to be a little bit of work but it tastes good! Better than all but one of the recipes I've tried over the years. (Do you know that one of my "copycat" recipes for orange chicken doesn't have a BIT of orange anything in it? Weird huh? And NO it was not a copycat of the Panda Express Chicken as it professed to be... more like sesame chicken without the sesame.) LOL.

So in the end please save yourself the headache and try this orange chicken. Even on a budget, buying this for about $11 still makes it a very affordable $5.50 per meal cost. Not bad when you consider it will feed at 5 people when you serve it with sides like the rice and egg rolls.

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