August 19, 2008

Sautee'd Onions - How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways

I have a love - love relationship with onions. I love them. Period.

Apparently I always have as I have been told that as a toddler I would leave my home in the early morning and play outside, stopping at neighbors gardens to pull up fresh carrots and onions to munch on for a snack or lunch and continue playing the day away. While I would question the sanity of letting your 2 year old wander around the neighborhood playing by herself (LOL) I have to remind myself that would have been around 1972 in a very (very very) small town in Iowa. A different era and one where the phrase "it takes a village" really had meaning. The whole communal mind frame back then was that it was perfectly acceptable to let your kids play outside all day, visit all the elderly neighbors, play with the other neighborhood kids, feed whatever children happened to be in your backyard at lunch time, and drink from someones garden hose when you were thirsty.

Man I miss those days.

But I still have my onions!

Earlier this week our families crazy schedule had me alone at dinner time. I made dinner for the rest of the crew to enjoy when they got home from work, football practice, etc. but me? I took the opportunity to make a huge pan of sautee'd onions. Which, I'm probably spelling wrong but I'm too lazy to google it and look it up and my spellcheck doesn't recognize it.

They were so good... I made another pan when that one was gone.

Sautee'd Onions

As many onions as you want - sliced thin
a tiny sprinkle of sugar
salt and pepper

In a pan, put a bit of butter and a bit of oil to cover the bottom. Add the onions. If you are using Vidalia onions or another sweet onion you can skip the light sprinkle of sugar as they will have enough naturally to carmelize beautifully. If you are using a white onion, just add a tiny bit, lightly sprinkled over. Cook over medium or medium low, stirring once in a while until they are a beautiful golden and dark brown color. Season with salt and pepper to your tastes.

Great as a side dish to steak and potatoes!

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