A Diet Soda and a Dry Cake Mix Equals? Great Cupcakes!

Around 2002 this recipe was 'all the rage' and I think I've blogged about it once before as I previously used a white cake mix and Diet Raspberry soda. However! It came to mind again this week when I wanted to 'get rid of' a can of Vanilla Pepsi - which I bought a case of for some reason - because they take forever to disappear around here! LOL. I had one can left and when I saw the chocolate cake mix in the cupboard I knew exactly what to do with it. A cake!

Have you heard of this recipe? All you do is mix can of diet soda with a dry cake mix. By using the diet soda you are cutting down on the sugar and calorie content while still enjoying a dessert. I decided to make cupcakes out of it and I like to add 1 or 2 egg whites as well. Why? Because although the cake and cupcakes fresh from the oven are wonderful, delicious and moist, I find they 'fall' a bit after cooling and the texture is improved by the simple addition of an egg white or two.

I like to frost chocolate cakes and cupcakes with the tradional "7 Minute Frosting" as it's the perfect accompaniment. However - You choose! Any frosting you want or leave them unfrosted as they are so moist you won't notice they are missing anything!

Diet Soda Cake or Cupcakes

1 boxed cake mix, dry
1 can diet soda
1-2 egg whites

Mix on high 2-3 minutes. Pour into a greased cake or lined cupcake tins. Bake according to the package directions. Cool and frost if desired.

Try different sodas with different cake mixes;

Chocolate with Vanilla Soda
Chocolate with Cherry Vanilla Soda
White with Sprite or 7-up
White with a fruity soda like raspberry, mandarin orange, black cherry or kiwi strawberry
Yellow with any white soda

Be creative!

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