August 11, 2008

Ways To Save On Groceries... Shhh it's Powdered Milk!

As a child I remember my Mom whipping up a container of dry milk when we had run out and using it on my cereal. It tasted awful! But as a Mother of three kids of my own I know that sometimes you really do run out at the last second, just when you need it and it's sure tempting to use dry milk in a pinch as compared to running to the store.

Here's another reason to use it though. With the cost of dairy going up so high (it's doubled in our area in the last 6 months and we are literally - quite literally - surrounded by cows!) that you'll want to find ways to pinch pennies.

Here is my painless hint to make your milk go farther and no one will ever know unless you tell them; Supplement your store bought milk with dry milk. Shhh!

Once your store or local bought milk is about half gone, wait until the house is empty or everyone is safely in another part of the house and get the bag or box of dry milk out of the cupboard. Mix it up according to the package directions and add it to the container of milk. Here is the most important part: DO NOT SERVE IT RIGHT AWAY.

The trick to getting the dry/powdered milk to *not* taste bad is to make sure it is ice cold when you serve it. Make sure it's set (all night if possible) for a length of time for the flavor to mellow and for the ice cold temperature to effect the flavor. One more hint is to add just a tiny, itty bitty dash of salt to the milk. I have no idea why, but just a smidgen (less than an 1/8 t) seems to bring out more of a real milk flavor verses that odd 'dry' milk taste.

I know of some Moms who have completely switched their families over to dry milk this way. Our family still isn't ready to make that leap, but with a teenage boy in the family that can go through 3 gallons of milk a week if I'd let him, I love the fact that I can supplement our milk this way and no one needs to know I'm saving money.Print Friendly and PDF