Mango Orange Roasted Chicken

This picture - before cooking

Boy did I get a wild hair this week! When preparing to make 2 whole roasted chickens I decided to use the onion/orange inside the birds as I've blogged about before. This always makes for good flavor and an incredibly moist bird but I wanted to go a step farther this time. With puree'd mangoes (for smoothies) in the refrigerator I grabbed the mix and poured some all over the bird. I then added minced garlic, lemon pepper, onion powder, thyme and just a touch of dried lemon and orange peel. Sprinkled with a bit of salt and pepper I crumpled some foil under the birds and put them in the roaster where I roasted them at 300 for a few hours while I had to run errands and then placed them under the broiler in the oven to brown and crisp them.

The end result was quite tasty and good while being moist as well. My only hesitation is that I used some of the drippings to make a gravy and served it all with homemade biscuits as well. I'm not sure I like the hint of citrus and mango in my gravy. I think that may just be me though... I'm such a southern girl at heart I don't want anything 'odd' in my gravy and biscuits! LOL.

In the end, if you like oranges and mangoes as well as chicken I think this is one you should play around with - give it a try and see what you get. I think a mango salsa spread over the chicken in place of the puree'd mangoes would work great too and yum - with those chilies and jalapeno's in the mango (or peach) salsa, that would be excellent! ( I don't think I'd make a gravy out of that one though... ha ha ha).

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