Product Review: Trail Mix Crunch by Post

If you don't expect the finished product to look nor taste like the picture on the box, and you don't have high expectations, then you might like this cereal. As you can tell, I was disappointed.

I didn't see any whole almond slices although I saw 3 minuscule while flakes, smaller than a pencil eraser that I'm sure were an almond in a previous life. I also didn't see two different 'crunch' styles in the 'crunch' portion of my bowl of cereal. As you can tell from the photograph I had a bunch of raisins and one uniform style of crunch; I would describe them as an airier version of a Grape Nut. Not as hard, not as small. They were a little more poofy. A cousin of the Grape Nut perhaps.

The flavor was boring. Bland. Out of all the 'granola' or 'crunch' style cereals I've tried in the last 15 years I'd say this, so far, is my least favorite.Print Friendly and PDF