Tofu Nuggets - Alternative to Chicken or Fish Nuggets

Unbreaded tofu cubes - frozen and thawed. Ready
for use as an alternative to fish or chicken

Ok... I'm a little embarrassed. I knew my 'Tofu Nuggets' recipe was easy... but I had forgotten just how easy it was. As I flipped through 10 of my handwritten notebooks last night searching for the right recipe (because I have a few of them but I knew the one I wanted was hand written, in pencil and scrawled in a quick, unorganized way on the page. When I saw it, I laughed.

It's been a couple years since I made this one... and could it really be that simple? Yes... apparently it can.

Without further adieu -

Tofu Nuggets

1 package Tofu, drained and frozen for a couple days and then thawed and cubed or sliced
Shake N' Bake bread crumbs

Dip the cubed tofu nuggets into the breading mix. Place on an oiled baking sheet and bake at 350 approximately 15 minutes until golden.

Depending on the Shake N' Bake mix you use these are either copycats for chicken nuggets or fish sticks/nuggets. The first time I made these I had a friend visiting while I baked them and she, nor any of our 5 combined children could tell they were tofu. They all thought they were fish sticks! The condiment you choose (ketchup, honey mustard, tartar sauce) depends on the mix and what you want the tofu to taste like as the tofu takes on the flavor of the mix it's made with.Print Friendly and PDF