Scottish Eggs

Hard boiled eggs go fast in this household. With a husband and 16 year old son that love them they disappear so quickly I sometimes have to write on the outside of the shell not to eat it if I'm saving it for a salad or something. They also dearly love almost anything made with hard boiled eggs! This recipe is for those that love hard boiled eggs and sausage. Originally I believe this recipe was made with ground chicken and a few spices, but it's so delicious and so easy when using prepared ground breakfast sausage in its place!

12 eggs
1 pound breakfast sausage
1 beaten egg
fine bread crumbs

Hard boil eggs and allow to cool to room temperature. Shell the eggs and toss them into a little bit of flour. Shake off the excess. Shape a bit of sausage around each egg, encompassing it. Dip each egg into the beaten egg and coat in crumbs. Just before serving deep fry the eggs in hot oil. Drain. Cut in half for an appetizer or serve whole for a breakfast treat.Print Friendly and PDF