April 17, 2012

BBQ Bacon Shrimp - (Not on the grill this time)

Sometimes I get into a rut in how I prepare certain foods. Mainly, this is seafood.  I love it grilled best of all so that is the first thing that comes to mind for filets and shrimp.  Tonight I wanted to make shrimp in 'some' form but had no certain recipe or style in mind.  I thought about what sounded good and realized bacon wrapped shrimp with a bit of BBQ sauce sounded the best.

Instead of wrapping the shrimp, I decided I would do a stir-fry style.  Quick and easy and I knew it would taste good.  I made it up as a I went along and the end result was worthy enough of the website and sharing.  Enjoy!

BBQ Bacon Shrimp (not on the grill)

1 lb. raw, cleaned shrimp, medium sized
6 strips bacon
1 fresh pressed garlic clove (about a teaspoon or so)
black pepper
2 T your favorite BBQ sauce (I used No Sugar Added Barbecue Sauce)

In a skillet on the stove, cook the bacon over medium high heat until it's golden brown and crisp.  Remove to a plate.  Remove about half the drippings from the pan (unless you used a turkey bacon or other bacon without much fat).  You want to have the bottom of the pan coated.  Add the fresh, raw shrimp.  Cook until it turns pink, flipping as necessary.  When it's just to the point of being done, add the garlic and black pepper.  Turn the heat off and toss with the BBQ sauce.   Place on the serving plates (this amount will serve 2-3) and crumble the bacon on top.Print Friendly and PDF