BLT on a Toasted Tortilla Wrap - (Low Carb BLT)

The other night my husband requested BLT's for dinner.  That sounded incredible actually, but since I'm still doing a no sugar and lower carb way-of-eating right now, that meant no toast for me.  But wrapping tomato, bacon and mayo in lettuce leaves is just not going to cut it for this girl.  I have low carb tortillas in the refrigerator so originally I grabbed one thinking I would just wrap it up. What I ended up doing was 'inventing' the low carb taco shell I posted about just prior! 

This was so incredibly good!  But... then again, in our home, anything with bacon in it is considered yummy!  So easy and quick...  if toast seems to heavy or you can't use the carbs or sugar grams in your diet, then turn to a low carb tortilla and enjoy a BLT sandwich again!

BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) on a Toasted Tortilla

1 large sized flour tortilla of your choice
2-3 strips bacon per BLT - cooked and drained
Lettuce leaves
Tomato slices

Cut or rip your large flour tortilla in half.  Place each half into the toaster and run it through a toasting cycle.  Carefully remove it, keeping it in a folded position.  Add mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and bacon.  Serve!  A nice change from the every day toast versions!

Folding and placing each half of the tortilla in the toaster

The photo doesn't show the golden brown edges well but it's cooked to that shape

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