April 09, 2012

So Easy and So Good - it's a Low Carb Taco Shell

It's a taco shell from a tortilla

This is so delicious, it's not just for low-carbing, but for everyone! 

Simply use your favorite large sized tortilla (flour, whole wheat, or in the case of low carbing, use your favorite Low Carb Tortillas based on the ingredients, taste and carb count you are allowing yourself).  The tortillas I usually use are 2 - 6 carbs per tortilla.  By 'toasting' it, it becomes shaped like a taco shell and is crisp!

Tortilla Taco Shells

Low Carb Tortillas (if you are not low carbing use ANY tortilla) - large sized
A toaster

Rip or slice your large sized tortilla in half.  Fold each half over as if it were a taco shell.  Place them into a toaster.  After a toast cycle, they should be golden brown on the edges and crisp.  Carefully remove from the toaster slot, keeping them folded.  As they cool they crisp up even more.  Fill with your favorite toppings!  A whole tortilla is about 2-6 carbs depending on which brand you buy and by slicing or ripping it in half you get 2 'taco's' as one helping.

Toast your two halves to make two 'taco' shells
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