April 26, 2012

Donkey Cookie Cutters Are a Must Have for These Pinata Cookies!

This morning I was browsing the SheKnows site and saw the awesome Pinata Cookies that are trending right now.

Although I don't plan on hosting a Cinco de Mayo party this year, I love this idea and had a moment of 'why didn't I ever think of this!?'.   I wanted to save the idea to my files to make perhaps next year after we after we know some people here in the new city/state that we have relocated to.

If you by chance haven't seen the M&M stuffed cookies (although they are ALL over the internet right now so you'd have to try pretty hard not to, LOL)  they are a multi-colored sugar cookie with a second for the back side and sandwiched inbetween them is a third cookie with the ears and feet cut off and used to hide the goodies inside.

Photo from the link above at SheKnows

I haven't made these yet - the photo is from the recipe link above

The first thing I will need however, is a donkey cookie cutter.  Now, I have a VAST array of cookie cutters.  From footballs to frogs and tea cups to turkeys.  But... I don't have a donkey.  LOL.  So, I found two versions online this morning;

They are available on Amazon: Donkey Cookie Cutter  .

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