April 06, 2012

Simple Seasoned Asparagus - A gift of Spring to Us

You would think a vegetable that grows so well in ditches would be dirt cheap.  Not so much!  Asparagus is fairly expensive, but is so good!  I grew up in the northern Midwest and everyone for miles around had their secret 'patch' in a ditch somewhere they had spied and watched over and would harvest paper bags full of this spring green goodness.  Now, I'm reduced to paying $4.99 a pound.  But I love it.  The more simple prepared, the better!

As a child I grew up eating it boiled until soft and slathered with butter, salt and pepper.  As an adult, I like it a bit more crisp and I like a little garlic with it, but other than salt and pepper, nothing more is needed.  A perfect addition to your Easter Sunday meal too!

Sauteed Asparagus

Washed and trimmed asparagus
olive oil
salt and pepper
fresh minced garlic - about a teaspoon per asparagus bunch

Be sure to snap the hard or woody ends off the bottom of the asparagus.  Place them in about an inch of water in a microwavable dish or stove top pan and cook them or steam them just a few minutes.  Just until their color starts to brighten up and they begin to cook.  You want them fresh and crisp and bright.  Drain completely.

Heat about 2 T butter and 2 T olive oil in a pan.  When it is hot and sizzling over medium high heat, add the asparagus.  Shake the pan down so they are roughly in a single layer and all cooking evenly.  Shake the pan to cover in oil and butter and rolling them.  If they need some spatula help, that's fine.  About a minute on each side should be enough to start to see the golden brown color of the butter and oil.  Add the garlic and give it another good shake.  Continue to cook just until the edges are dark golden sauteed brown, shaking the pan when needed.  This whole process should only take about 4 minutes or so.  Season with salt and pepper.Print Friendly and PDF