Over the past year I've made this particular dry rub for bbq beef and pork ribs numerous times and I swear, every single time I make it, my husband raves about it and acts like he's never had it before!  Ha ha.  He will compliment me over and over and tell me how amazing they are.  I'm glad to hear it!  I agree with him!

I posted this dry rub recipe last April and slow cooked them in the oven on a cold, chilly day.  This time I'm going to add 2 of the photos from that post, but adding the new pictures too because this time around I opted to use a slow cooker.  When I made these ribs this time, I pre-cooked them in 2 different foil wrapped bundles so I had two meals worth with just 1 day of cooking.   
This dry rub makes a huge amount; bag it in little ziplocks or store in a Mason jar for up to 3 meals.

 Dry Rub

1 T cumin
1 T paprika
1 T granulated garlic
1 T granulated onion
1 T chili powder
1 T brown sugar
2 T salt
1 t ground Coriander seed
1 t cayenne pepper
1 t black pepper
1 t white pepper

Mix in a bowl.  Sprinkle on damp beef ribs as heavy or light as you wish for your personal taste. 
This time around I chose to wrap the ribs in heavy aluminum foil - (optional: makes it easy to pull them out in one piece later) - add a dash of apple cider vinegar and a dash of orange juice to the ribs, and wrap tightly in the foil or just add to the crockpot/slowcooker.  Slow cook them on low all day til tender.  Remove ribs to finish off either on the grill or under the broiler for a few minutes to finish them up.  *If you want to make a BBQ Sauce from the juices; Opening one side of the foil, pour off the juices into a pan on the stove and then unwrap the ribs completely.  Broil the ribs under the broiler for a few minutes each side until golden brown.  Drizzle with your favorite sauce and serve.

Optional Sauce:  While the broiler pre-heats, make a sauce out of the juices you poured off the meat, by adding a heavy dose of (low sugar) ketchup, brown sugar sweetener, and a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce.  I simply kept spoon tasting until I got the sweetness I liked.  (about 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/2 cup brown sugar sweetener).   Medium high heat to boil gently until it's reduced to a thick sauce.  Broil the ribs under the broiler for a few minutes each side until golden brown.  Drizzle with the sauce and serve.

I like to use beef ribs - but you can use pork

It makes a LOT of spice mix.  Use it sparingly or heavy; up to you.

Tightly wrapped in heavy duty aluminum foil to catch all the juice as it cooks

Fix it and forget it!  Cooked all day on low, tightly wrapped, they don't dry out. Finish on the grill or under broiler.

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