Cutting your own large boneless pork loin into roasts and chops! Cutting instructions too!

If you buy boneless pork roasts and boneless loin chops, you can easily spend upwards of $18 on the roasts and $9 for a package of 4 chops.  Savings when you cut these yourself is HUGE. And it's not difficult at all. 

You can find the best price for a large boneless pork loin at your local membership warehouse (Costco, Sam's, etc.) - you can buy one for approximately $12-15.

The instructions for cutting are right on the packaging.  I've taken a picture of it with my camera to post here.  These are instructions for cutting a boneless pork loin into 2-4 roasts and 12-18 pork loin chops, depending on how large you make your cuts and how many people you are serving.

I own a simple, affordable Weston food saver so I just seal up the roasts into packages, and then put 4 chops into each package.  You can use any freeze bag or freezer paper though.  Just bundle up tight, and put into your deep freezer for future use.

I got two large pork roasts and a dozen, thick boneless pork loin chops ready for future meals.  

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