My Grandmother's Recipe Box - Fattigman's (A Christmas Cookie)

My mother remembers Grandma making these from the time she was born.  It was a Christmas cookie they had every single year, without fail ever since she can remember.  My Mother turns 70 this year so this recipe card is probably her age or a few years older as she can't remember Grandma 'not' making these and she is the 3rd sibling in their family and she was making them before my Mom was born.  

I remember these from Grandma's house as well.  Grandma didn't have time to make a lot of Christmas cookies, but our Swedish heritage came out in those she did.  These and Rosette's were always, always served at Christmas at Grandma's house along with our Christmas Eve dinner of Oyster Stew, Lefsa and Lutefisk. 



5 egg yolks, beaten slightly
5 T sugar
5 T sweet cream
1 t vanilla
Flour enough to make a stiff dough

Roll out thin and cut in shapes with a slit in the middle.  Fry in hot fat.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Note:  You cut them into a diamond shape, cut the slit in the middle and then right before you drop in hot grease to fry, you flip and tuck one end of the cookie dough through the slit and pull it gently forming a little 'knot'.  


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