February 03, 2021

Sugar free and low carb... Daiquiri Ice Ice Cream~ (Like Baskin Robbins)


I thought I had this one on my site already but a quick skim over posts and I didn't see it, so I'm just going to put it up (again) just in case.  

Not a huge fan of ice cream in general (I can take it or leave it) but when I was a teenager, I did find I liked the Daiquiri Ice from Baskin Robbins.  I prefer a slushy or Icee over ice cream, so it's not a stretch that I'd prefer this icy treat with a citric acid sour 'kick' to it rather than a sweet, heavy cream.  It's just me.

Over the past 20 years or so, we stopped in a few times with the kids but I ended up not getting anything because they never had the Daiquiri Ice.  I don't know if they stopped making it for awhile or if it was just the franchises we were visiting on vacation, etc., but there were a number of years they didn't carry it.

On top of that, we have been sugar free for 19 (?) years now so given a choice, I usually bypass sugary food items anyway. 


A few years ago I decided to make it myself.  This way I could control the sugar content.  Since then, this is the version I make when I'm craving it.  

I went to the Baskin Robbins site this morning to see if they still offer Daiquiri Ice ice cream and I saw it listed!  I don't know if it's the tangy version or the sweeter lime version I had heard they changed it to for a few years (?) but I was more interested in the sugar and carb count.

As you can see, 26g carbs and 19g sugar. Wow.

I'm positive I'd be nauseated and maybe even throw up if I had a food with 19 grams of sugar in it. 

When it comes to making this ice cream, it's quick and easy for me because I already have limes or lime juice, rum extract and citric acid powder in my pantry/fridge at all times, but if you don't have those items, you'll need to pick them up at the store or order them online.

I'll put some links to Amazon below this post if you are interested.

You should be able to find all the ingredients in your local grocery store though - especially if it's a Walmart or Publix. 




Sugar free and Low Carb - Daiquiri Ice Ice Cream

2 c water
1 c sweeteners (I used a mixture of Lakanto and Xylitol)
1 t unflavored gelatin powder
2 T fresh lime juice (bottled is fine but fresh tastes best if you have it!)
1 t rum extract
1 t citric acid powder
optional:  green food color

In a pan on the stove top, place the sweetener, sprinkle the gelatin powder over it.  Add the water and whisk. Heat until the sweetener is dissolved and mixture becomes clear.  Remove from heat.  Add the lime juice, rum extract and citric acid.  Taste test and see if you like the amount of lime and citric acid.  Adjust in tiny doses if you wish.  Chill the mixture completely before using it in your favorite ice cream machine according to your directions.  




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This is the brand citric acid I've always got on hand in my cupboard although there are many, many brands available to choose from!  It's just that when I started to buy citric acid to keep on hand for cooking, you couldn't find it easily like you can now!  So I started to buy the NOW brand because Swanson's carried it and I buy a lot of our supplements from them.  
I'm sure any food quality citric acid powder works, this is the just the only brand I've ever used in the past 11 or so years.

NOW Foods, Citric Acid  


Rum extract.  This is funny to me because I bought rum extract years ago and almost never used it.  There was only one recipe I used it in, and that was a blueberry pie recipe.  My extract sat in the cupboard for about 10 years before I started to use it in my daiquiri ice recipe and now I'm on my 2nd bottle.  


  Imitation Rum Extract 2 oz 


I invested in a Cuisinart ice cream maker a year or two ago?  (I don't remember, but it's been posted on HousewifeBarbie.com numerous times).  We never had an electric version in all our years of marriage - only the kind you use rock salt and ice/snow in.  Now that one has lived in its box in the garage and I've used my Cuisinart exclusively for the past year or two.  I don't think they make my exact model anymore but I assume almost any electric ice cream maker would be fine!


  Cuisinart ICE-30BCP1 Ice Cream Maker, 2-Qt, Silver 


This is the gelatin powder I use and have stocked in my pantry at all times as I started to buy it in 1 lb. packages after I started to cook with it more often in low carb, keto and sugar free baking.  I buy this, and pour it into a glass jar I recycled for this purpose.  It lasts a long time and doesn't go bad!  


  NOW Foods, Beef Gelatin Powder, Natural Thickening Agent, Source of Protein, 1-Pound  


There are a lot of brands of unflavored gelatin through and I think you could probably use any brand.  KNOX is the best known I think.  I do keep a small box of KNOX brand on hand at all times as well!  I've used it interchangeably with the NOW brand. 


  Knox Unflavored Gelatin (0.25 Oz Envelopes, Pack of 32) 






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