July 17, 2007

Flax Seed Muffins

In 2002 I discovered the health benefits of simple changes in our diet like cutting out sugar, avoiding white, refined flour, and adding flax. I initially did the Atkins induction for 2 weeks and then a daily Atkins program for another 2 to 'detox' my body of sugar, white flour and starchy vegetables. Although my husband and I were not on the strict Atkins regiment for diet purposes, we found we felt healthier by incorporating some of the ideals into our everyday living habits.

When I am following a strict Atkins regiment (which we do a few times a year) I obviously crave breads and muffins. Most low carb versions are little more than glorified eggy cream puff shells masquerading as muffins. The lemon poppy seed versions I made were awful, and the tortilla's tasted like cardboard. When you find a low carb, no sugar recipe that works, you sing praises and dance around your kitchen! That is what I did with this recipe. However; I did use my own version of a faux Atkins mix in it as well as a cup of a flaxseed cereal I love to prepare. If you don't have an Atkins baking mix or a faux mix on hand you can either mix one up, or try substituting a vanilla whey protein mix. In place of my hot cereal mix you can use a cup of ground flax seed.

Flaxseed Muffins

1 c wheat bran flakes
3 eggs
1/2 c cream
3/4 c water
2 T oil or melted butter
1 c hot flax cereal
1/4 c faux Atkins mix
4 t baking powder
1/3 c splenda
1 t vanilla
3/4 t salt

Mix all ingredients together lightly just until completely moistened. Spoon into sprayed muffin tins. Bake at 400 approximately 25 minutes.Print Friendly and PDF