December 14, 2009

Musings of a Housewife; It was a Baking Weekend Afterall

When I was a full time Mom and housewife with small children, I would spread my holiday baking out over the course of a month, starting at Thanksgiving and baking up to the week of Christmas. I averaged about 14-19 different recipes, sometimes making 2-3 batches of the more popular items.

So how is it that when I'm working outside the house full time at the office as well as working part time doing freelance at home, and trying to keep up with the crazy-busy schedules of our teens, that my list of holiday baking has grown from 19, to 27 items? As new recipes are tried and deemed a 'keeper' by my family the list grows... and all of the recipes are so good that we don't want to cut any of them out!

This week is the first of my mini-deadlines for baking and candy making. Although I won't do the holiday trays for my husbands workplace until next weekend, as well as the neighborhood goodies, I have a fund-raiser bake sale tomorrow so this weekend was crunch time at getting a few of the items made from my list. I think I'm up to about 9.

The snowflake cookies are decorated and ready to go, which is a three day task with my full time job. I make the dough on one day, cut and bake them other and frost the third. Sunday was my 'frosting' day and they are packaged and ready to be added to the trays along with the green tree's and yellow stars. Candy coated pretzels and almond truffles were also made last night... looks like I'm getting there, slowly but surely!!

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