White Trash - a Perfect Holiday Party Mix

Image from Taste of Home
It's Christmas Eve morning and I took the day off from work as it's a 'family' day for us. A day of board games, food, crafts, movies and Scandinavian and German traditions all rolled together into making memories.

This morning I glanced through some of my files to see what I had anticipated having time to post and/or make but didn't get to yet (thanks to that 'other' job I have where I report to an office each day!). I found White Trash in my files and since it's a hugely popular recipe to make during the holidays I knew I had better post it asap! A mixture of cereals, peanuts and candy all covered in the wonderful goodness of vanilla almond bark or white vanilla chips, it's a perfect mixture of salty and sweet and will be gobbled up by the handfuls! Hugely popular, don't be surprised if you find yourself making 2 or 3 batches of this!

White Trash Party Mix

1 - 10 oz package miniature pretzels
5 c Cheerios
5 c corn Chex cereal
2 c salted peanuts
1 lb pkg M&Ms
2 - 12 oz pkgs. vanilla chips or 24 oz. almond bark
3 tablespoons canola oil

Place the pretzels, cereals, peanuts and candy in a large bowl. Microwave the chips/almond bark and oil until melted. Stir the mixture until creamy and smooth. Pour over the dry ingredients and mix well. Spread on wax paper covered counter. Cool and break apart. Store in a sealed container.Print Friendly and PDF