Keurig Chai Latte? Delicious! I Will Buy Them Again!

Knock on wood... my latest Keurig coffee brewer has been working just fine. Maybe the third time is a charm? (My regular readers know we are on our third since last June as the first two only worked for a few weeks before freezing up on us and refusing to do anything but sit there and glow blue.)

Yesterday I was finishing up a short shopping trip to my local grocery store when I walked through the coffee aisle and paused to see if they had my husbands favorite bold Emeril blend of K-cups for our Keurig machine. They didn't, but my eyes were drawn to the Cafe Escapes Chai Latte K-Cups. I'm a bold, black and piping hot coffee kind of girl but as I debated, realized a tea latte might be rather nice in the evening when I want to relax with something hot but I don't want coffee, don't care for black tea and don't enjoy flavored tea's. I'm not a fan of hot chocolate or cocoa either so my choices are limited!

Last night I brewed my first cup of Chai Latte for Keurig and... wow! Delicious! It's a black tea with warm and comforting spices including cinnamon, cardamom and clove; smoothed by a splash of milk and sugar or honey. (The box says sugar but their website says honey - perhaps they are switching over to honey and I bought a sugar sweetened variety.)

They are a little pricey; my grocery store sold a 12 pack for about $9 but admittedly, this is a product I think I'm going to enjoy having on hand as an alternative to coffee. As a matter of fact I've just sipped a cup of Chai Latte while I composed this morning's entry!Print Friendly and PDF