Too Easy! Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce

The housewife and Mom in me from 5 years ago cringes but the working-Mom who walks in the door at 5:30 pm with her arms full to deposit her purse, the daily mail, work from home files and a bag from Target where she stopped on the way home to buy cat food and then immediately starts to cook dinner for her family while still in high heels and pearls... smiles and sighs in relief.

It was almost too easy. Chicken Enchiladas with Green Sauce, a side of seasoned rice and a second side of fat free, vegetarian refried beans with black beans... and it was delicious.

While shopping at Super Target on Superbowl Sunday (because I certainly would NOT be watching a football game...) I saw they had finger foods for sale and they were quite affordable. I bought a box of chicken taquitos knowing it would save me the trouble of purchasing the chicken and corn tortillas and then cooking, shredding and seasoning the chicken, rolling them up into the corn tortillas and sealing them.

My family loves Mexican food so while in the ethnic foods aisle I saw canned enchilada sauce (again... I only make mine from scratch) and decided on a whim to add a can of sauce to the cart. I chose one green and one traditional red.

Later that week I had one of 'those' days when work, errands and the commute got me home just minutes before I usually have dinner on the table. No problem! The Taquitos were put into the serving dishes (2) and topped with the sauce(s) and then microwaved while I heated refried beans on the stove and added drained and rinsed black beans.

As the Taquitos were now warmed through, I added a mixture of shredded cheese on top of each and placed them in the oven to finish while I grabbed a 'cook in the bag' seasoned Southwestern rice mixture to the microwave. As the rice finished 4 minutes later, the cheese was melted on the Chicken Enchiladas, the side of black beans was put into a serving dish and all was placed on the table with salsa and side of tortilla chips.

It was delicious and completely done in 10 minutes.

Always frugal, store-purchased Taquitos will not be on my everyday list as they are usually too high priced, as most prepared foods are. But if you can find a great sale and you want an easy meal in a hurry, this one fits the bill and it got a thumbs up from my whole family.Print Friendly and PDF