February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Cookies and Anti-Valentine's Day Cookies... Done!

Every Valentine's Day I ask my readers if they've made their Valentine's Day cookies yet... and here I am again! Have you made them? Mine are done! Last weekend I made cookies for our family, cookies to send to my oldest daughter in college, cookies for work, as well as cookies for a special event for the legislature's in our metro area. In all, I made 12 dozen cookies last weekend.

I decorated them in different styles as I always make my original, now-traditional 'Anti' Valentine's Day cookies with the messages "Loser" "Geek" "No" "Umm Never" and other fun messages but I decided the cookies for the legislative members and the office might not see my humor.

A simple sugar cookie recipe and two different kinds of icing (one royal and one a glaze) left me with some very fun and different cookies... perfect for all 4 occasions to send to this week.

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