February 21, 2010

Product Review: Shrimp and Crab Stuffed Ravioli

Twenty years ago my husband and I lived in Southern California and were members of a large membership warehouse where we bought our groceries. Over the next two decades whenever we've lived in a large city where one of the two major membership warehouses were nearby, we continued to enjoy membership and savings and availability of the grocery products. Almost everyone knows the type of retail store I'm talking about most of you probably have joined or at least shopped with a friend in one.

One of the products I like from the membership warehouses is their stuffed pasta. This version was a simple crab and shrimp stuffed ravioli. Although bland with just butter and salt and pepper and not quite 'right' to serve with a red Italian sauce, the perfect addition (I feel) to seafood stuffed pasta is an alfredo sauce.

Here is a quick and simple idea for you to try if you are interested. I made a very simple alfredo sauce (use your favorite recipe) and added grated smoked gouda cheese to add a bit of a twist on the flavor. As the sauce thickened I sauteed onions in a pan until they were caramelized.

Topping the cooked and drained pasta with a smoked Gouda infused alfredo sauce and garnishing with caramelized onions? Mmmm. Perfection.Print Friendly and PDF