Chicken Quesadilla - Low Carb Option Available

Chicken Quesadilla on a Whole Wheat Tortilla

About 4 or 5 years ago I was given a George Foreman Grill.  It was nice but as a busy family of five - including teenagers - we didn't use it very often.  When cooking for a group, it made more sense to use my oven or the outside grill as I was always making so many items at once (burgers, chicken breasts, bacon, etc.).  This week it's been very quiet around our household as my two oldest kids are at school and my youngest teen has been on Spring Break in Florida with a group of friends.  It's just my husband and I - and with his busy schedule it's often just me.

Which is why I re-discovered the joy of the George Foreman!  It has been so useful this week that it's lived on the counter top and has been used in some form, every day.  One of my lunches was a Chicken Quesadilla.  Made crisp and delicious without using the stove or oven.  

Chicken Quesadilla

1 tortilla (pictured; a whole wheat, Low Carb version)
1/2 c Cooked and sliced/diced chicken (I used Tyson's Frozen Grilled Fajita Strips)
1/4 c shredded cheddar or mixed cheeses
Taco Sauce or Salsa ( Taco Bell Mild Restaurant Sauce )

Place ingredients on one half the tortilla.  You can microwave it for a 'soft' shell.  You can put it in a pan on the stove top and quickly fry it in a bit of butter or oil, bake it in the oven at 375 for a few minutes, flipping once, broil it - flipping once - or you can use a George Foreman.  Fast and easy!

Piled high with grilled chicken strips, cheese and sauce - it will cook down flat

Placed on a hot George Foreman Grill - ready to cook

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