March 05, 2012

Lemon Garlic Pork Filet with Rosemary Baby Potatoes (Pork by Hormel)

A couple years ago, I was grocery shopping and going to purchase a pork loin to marinate for dinner.  While looking over my choices, I realized a pre-marinated Hormel product was on sale that week and a better deal than buying a plain pork loin and spices and marinating it myself.  This also cut down the time needed to prepare dinner as I didn't have to hurry to get it seasoned and add in the wait time.

Our first Hormel product to try was the Mesquite Barbecue version, which I served that evening with mashed potatoes and green beans.  Huge hit with the whole family.  Since then I've bought this product every 6 months or so - usually when it goes on sale of course.

The flavors our family has enjoyed;
  • Citrus Filet
  • Honey Mustard Filet
  • Lemon Garlic Filet
  • Mesquite Barbecue Filet
This is a meal you can prepare within 5 minutes prep time, bake for an hour and be proud to serve as if you worked for 2 hours on it. 

Lemon Garlic Pork Filet with Rosemary Baby Potatoes 

1 Lemon Garlic Pork Filet (Pork by Hormel)
1 small bag baby potatoes (my photo is of the tri-colored, red, white and blue variety)
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

In a shallow baking pan, add about 1/2 cup olive oil.  Add the baby potatoes and shake the pan gently back and forth to cover the baby potatoes with oil.  Cut the pork filet package open and place it in the center of the pan, surrounded by the potatoes.  Top the potatoes with rosemary sprigs, fresh cracked black pepper, and salt to flavor.  Bake at 350 degrees about 1 hour.  Serve with a nice green vegetable like green beans for great presentation and taste. This will serve about 4 -5. 

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