Grilled Marinated Tofu with Stir Fry Vegetables

Grilled Tofu Stir Fry

This is a recipe from my files waiting to be posted.  Those of you who visit regularly know that last summer we were surprised by and immersed into a relocation 1,000 miles away.  As I was using up all the food in the refrigerator and freezer in anticipation of the moving trucks, I was also trying to use up the propane in our grill since propane cannot be transported by the moving companies and I didn't really want to travel 1000 miles with a full tank in my backseat either.   I was grilling everything in sight!  Including my tofu.  It was delicate, but oh so good!

Buy extra firm tofu and freeze it first.  Freeze it and then thaw it.  Freezing it changes the texture and makes it more firm and easy to cube and use.

Grilled Tofu Stir Fry (with marinade)

1 pkg. Tofu - EXTRA FIRM - previously frozen solid, then thawed
1 cup water
2 T soy sauce
1 1/2 T sugar
1 T salt
1 T rice wine vinegar (or white is fine)
1 t powdered chipotle pepper
1 t hickory smoke flavoring
1 t paprika
1 t garlic powder
1/2 t onion powder
1/2 t round black pepper
1 pkg. frozen stir fry vegetables of your choice

Mix ingredients and add the tofu.  Marinate the tofu for at least an hour or two. Remove from marinade, press gently to release some of the liquid.  Now, placing it on a few paper towels to absorb more liquid, cube it gently.

Tofu doesn't like to be grilled but it can be done.  I used an old pizza pan, oiled, and placed it on my grill.  If you have a non-stick grilling pan you are one step ahead of the game!  Grill the tofu cubes, carefully and gently turning to grill all sides.  Be careful, they are delicate.  OR if you just want to fry them, you can.  It's easier.  In a skillet add a little oil and over medium high heat add the tofu. Fry it without stirring or moving it more than you have to to give it a golden brown color and to make it 'crisp'.

When your tofu is done, set it aside and heat a pan on the stove with a tablespoon of oil.  Add the stir fry and quickly fry til hot.  Add the tofu, toss and serve.  The marinade gives it all the flavor it needs but some die-hard fans might want some soy sauce on the side if they like things really salty.

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