Thanks Hamilton Beach!

The mover's cracked my favorite food processor bowl

My first hand mixer as an adult was a Hamilton Beach.  My first food processor was a Hamilton Beach.  My favorite 12-Cup Coffeemaker is a Hamilton Beach (Actually, I have two BrewStations - a 12 cup and a 4 cup).  I even have a 42 cup Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn.  I think you can see where I'm going with this.  I'm a life long Hamilton Beach customer.

Unfortunately during our most relocation to the South a couple months ago, the movers broke my food processor bowl.  I loved my food processor.  Not only for the ease of use, but the bowl style and the bowl size.  So I kept it alive by using clear moving tape (what else!?) on the side of it so I could continue to use it while I searched for a new one.

I have been looking at food processors of all brands and styles since November (when we moved and I found it cracked.) They were all wrong.  Too small.  Too many useless settings.  Digital. Outrageously expensive. 

My food processor is a few years old and I figured it would be fruitless, but I went to the Hamilton Beach website and looked up replacement parts.  Bingo!  They had a replacement bowl available.  Unfortunately their website shopping cart wasn't cooperating.   After three times, I gave up.

Fast forward a few weeks.  I am a follower of Hamilton Beach on Twitter (of course!) and I sent a message asking them if their website shopping cart was working yet as I was anxious to replace my favorite food processor bowl.

After some communication back and forth they apologized for the trouble I was having trying to replace my favorite processor and offered me the same size/style processor as my broken one.  WOW!  Talk about amazing customer service.

It arrived this week and was a comfortable fit immediately.  Grinding almonds, making homemade pasta, cookie doughs, guacamole...  Hamilton Beach you rock.  Thank  You!

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