August 08, 2012

A Semifreddo with Raspberries and Avocados. Brilliantly colored and so lovely!

Do you ever see a food photo or recipe you glance at, leave the page and then find yourself going back to look at it again.  And then later, one more time?  That is what happened to me with this recipe from an email I get from Key Ingredient.

The fact it was made with raspberries caught my attention.  The brilliant green color caught my eye.  I had to read to find out just what kind of a food item this was.  Was it a creamy sweet spread for a cracker appetizer?  Nope.  It's a dessert.  With avocado.  And our family loves avocados!  I finally had to put into my personal recipe files.  This is one I have just got to make.... but we just finished the last of our avocados on Guacamole this weekend so it will have to wait until we make another shopping trip.  Until then... enjoy!  Isn't it absolutely lovely!?

Raspberry Avocado Semifreddo

3 egg whites, pasteurized
1 cup icing sugar
¾ cup whipping cream
2 avocados from Mexico
1½ cups raspberries
6 mint leaves for garnish

Whip egg whites to form medium peaks, then slowly add icing sugar until mixture becomes glossy with stiff peaks, about 8 minutes. With a rubber spatula, scrape into a large bowl and set aside.

In stand mixer, whip cream to form stiff peaks. Add to egg white mixture, folding gently as not to incorporate too much air. Puree avocados with a hand blender or food processor and add to cream and egg white mixture. Fold all together and incorporate 1 cup of raspberries.

Line a 9” X 5” (23 cm X 12.5 cm) baking dish with plastic wrap. Add mixture smoothing surface to flatten.

Freeze uncovered for at least 3 hours.

To serve, dip dish in approximately 2 inches of hot water to slightly melt edges. Dry baking dish and invert onto serving plate. Remove plastic wrap and top with remaining raspberries and mint. Slice and serve.

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