Margherita Pizza - Simple and Classic

Assembled and ready to go into the oven!

It was late afternoon. Time to think about dinner.  The day had been hot. Humid. Something light for dinner would be good but my stomach needed it to be hot and filling.  I stood on our deck and looked at the meager little garden I tucked in this year, soon after moving to our new house.  We had absolutely no place for a garden, but I put one in anyway by sneaking it into the landscape.  

As I stood quietly, staring off into our wooded back yard I spied a ripe tomato on the vine and glanced at the basil flourishing in the garden space.

Margherite Pizza it was!   First made in honor of  Margherita of Savoy, Margherita Pizza is the most basic and simple of pizzas, but so classic and so good.  Comprised of just a few ingredients, it's not a heavy, thick and hearty pizza; but a light, flavorful version that is perfect for a hot summer night.

 Margherite Pizza

1 thin pizza crust - I make my own but you can purchase or used canned if you wish
1T olive oil 
2 t fresh chopped or minced garlic
basil leaves - ripped, cut or chopped (I have tiny box basil so I don't have to chop mine)
1 large or 2 small/medium tomatoes - sliced thin
1 c mozzarella cheese - slice or shred
salt and pepper, to taste
2 T Parmesan cheese if you have it or if you wish (fresh is best)

Roll your pizza crust thin on a baking stone.  Spread lightly with the olive oil and spread the garlic evenly.  Top with thin sliced tomatoes to cover.  Add the basil and cover with cheese.  Use salt and pepper - just a touch.  Add Parmesan if you have it - about two tablespoons.

Bake in a hot 410 - 425 degree oven until bubbly and done (about 12-15 minutes). 

The simplest ingredients - fresh from thte garden

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