August 25, 2012

Personalizing Homemade Pizza

You can tell my portion! Peppers, olives, mushrooms....

Since this website started back in 2006, pizza has been a recurring theme.  Why?  Because I've been making homemade pizza for my family since... well, it seems like forever!  Starting as a family movie night treat, by the time they were starting to be teens, it was a standard 'every Saturday night' fare and everyone and anyone could be sure to stop into our home and know they were welcome to join us for any variety of the 3 large pizza's I would make.

On a whim I snapped this picture of one of the last pizza's I made.  As you can see, it's primarily a nice thick double cheese and pepperoni pizza.  This makes my husband happy.  But I'm a veggie kind of girl.  So I sometimes top a small portion of one of the pizza's with items from the refrigerator and pantry I am craving!  A great reminder to everyone to personalize YOUR pizzas!  No need to make a whole separate pie.  Just personalize your little corner;  green peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions... it's all good!

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