August 15, 2012

Pretty Tri-Colored Baby Potatoes with Olive Oil and Rosemary

Just oil - no seasoning yet... aren't they beautiful?

We rarely eat potatoes in our household but when we are not following a lower carb way of eating and I do allow them in the house, this is one of the few ways we eat them.

I'm sure I've posted about making them this very simple way before - but when I made them this week they were just so pretty I felt compelled to take a picture and remind others how EASY these are!

Rosemary and Olive Oil Tri-Colored Baby Potatoes

1 package baby potatoes:  red is fine but tri-colored is very pretty if you find them
Olive Oil
Rosemary - fresh or from your spice rack
Salt and fresh ground black pepper

Cover your washed and dry potatoes with olive oil.  I usually just pour it on a pan and shake it and roll them around but I have also put them in a Ziplock and covered them that way.  Both work fine.  Next, cover your potatoes in rosemary and season heavily with salt and black pepper.  Fresh cracked black pepper tastes best but go with what you have.  Now you can grill them (my fav) or bake them at 400 until tender and done.  I like to bake them even longer actually - until they are starting to get a nice dark, golden brown.  They are so sweet and yummy!

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