Living on 100% Food Storage: Tonight's dinner was chicken and black bean soft tacos

No photos, because I was in the kitchen, my cell phone was in the office and I just didn't feel it was important to get it just to take a picture of some cooked chicken with black beans.  

Dinner:  Chicken and Black Bean Soft Shell Tacos

Chicken - precooked breasts and thighs, and food sealed for the freezer a couple months ago*
Black Beans - canned, from my 2-3 year storage.  The dried beans are for longer term storage, later.
Seasonings - from the pantry.
Salsa - homemade canned (recipe posted on the site numerous times over the years, see right side bar)
Lettuce was a little more of the final mix in the fridge.**
Sour Cream - was left here by a family member as I used it to make cakes for her for a party she threw
Tortillas - from the freezer.  We are running low so I'll have to start making them from scratch soon.

I did not put any cheddar cheese out tonight and it apparently wasn't missed.  Nothing was said anyway. My options for that are frozen blocks of cheese in the deep freezer and we have some freeze dried in long term storage I haven't brought out yet.

SIDE NOTE:  I brought out a 4 pack of canned pineapple from the 2-3 year storage.   They are good quality slice pineapple rounds.  It was bought at Sam's Club or Costco and is really good - not hard or weedy in texture like some brands of pineapple pieces.  I saved 3/4 of a can for The Littles to have with lunch tomorrow and the other 3 cans are currently being dehydrated.  If you've never had dehydrated pineapple... you should!




*I should have added in some of the freeze dried vegetarian chicken pieces!  Ack.  I didn't even think about that until now.  I have broth from pre-cooking the chicken that I took out of the freezer at the same time.  I will use that to rehydrate the freeze dried chicken at some point this week for a meal.

**God is really watching over us.  You know how the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of finding one unbroken container of oil in the temple in Jerusalem and how it was only enough to last 1 day but it lasted 8 days?  I have a container of heavy cream I bought in November that I'm still using (hoarding and only using when powered heavy cream won't do) and it is still good, not sour, not bad, not anything!  It's just as fresh and when it was opened.  And lettuce normally wilts so quickly or gets slimy.  We brought home a clam shell container of a spring mix salad on January 14th, leftover from a family birthday and it's still fresh.  It's just started to wilt a bit yesterday.  The sour cream I used to make cakes was for the party held on the 14th - I made the cakes earlier that week and froze them so this sour cream is still fresh and perfect on the 30th.

We have had unbelievable luck with random foods staying fresh long after they should have given up.  That's never happened before, but I'm ever so thankful.  And tell God so daily. 

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